Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Final Model Test,I passed

Yes i Lei Hanfoi Have Passed my Final test in Modeling,and move on to Graduate at 4pm this comeing friday,Pictured is What o wore on the Catwalk for my Final test To Become a CWS ( Classic With Style ) Elite Model and will hold a Ph D in Modeling and I will be able to Graduate with my class of  November 2011 on friday at 4pm with
Janet Brink
Sexychanel Resident
Victoria Allegiere
Sweepea Resident
Chloe Panthar
LillySnape Resident
Adrianna Applewhyte
Lilmama Artis
 LaTouri Blackheart

First we did casual outfit with the Arc ( Avatar Rendering Cost ) Haveing to be below certain amount per outfit

 Here I wore for the Casual look i went with clothes i do wear in real life and because im australian and so are AC/DC i went  with a AC/DC  T-shirt by  Killashandra Falta and
dark blue lee jeans by Halo Thetan,because Quality Never goes out of style

I had on my T-4 Morganna skin by Dream Ink  
the eyes are KK X eyes Agate ( brown) in color 

         This is the  Bianca Barbee 's Grape Smoothie Gown to show some color and some style to what i usually would wear,with a ample neckline to highlight the Alyssa Bijoux Double Ivory Necklace it flows nicely into the prim pieces  which are low arc

i also choose to wear a shape i shaped myself
KK ( Kaliwulf Kingdom Latex ) X Agate eyes (brown)
T-4 Morganna Skin by Dream ink
My Gold and ruby Wedding ring by Boogadey Kuu of Boogaville

I went with the Pink Bikini top and bottom from the Deepest Desires Lingirie Collection ( creator unknown) to show the ample Neckline of the CWS Recomended model shape,pink in color to flatter the skintone of the avitar itself whatever color that may be,i have on my T-4 Morganna skin by Dream Ink  
The eyes are KK X eyes Agate ( brown) in color and dont cost much and are very good quality eyes in my opinion,
The Hair is Addisonlyn by Bliss Hair which make low arc hair so i tend to favor there hair for events 

The Jewelry -the Hoop Earrings,are from a Birgit Mai outfit Birgit mai's Corine Sheer Black Outfit,And the Necklace is By Alyssa Bijoux -Double Ivory pearl necklace to draw attention to my ample neckline of the Reccomended CWS Model Shape  that i shaped for today,as well as My Gold and ruby Wedding ring by Boogadey Kuu of Boogaville Dollar Store to honor my sweetheart Debby and to have her always with me when possible
                                                      This is what i looked like when i had to do the character test to show i know how to not stay a cloud and then quickly load the folder to appear as normal again and i used my bikini folder for this ( pictured above)   
After completeing the outfit part of the test i had to blog about it, which is on here and the title includes my name and Anrol Anthony *The Dean of the Modeling university* in the title
i was very nervous and anxious about haveing to blog about it and had some problems with it but i got it done well enough to be able to graduate  on friday  .

I'd Like to Thank Anrol Anthony for allowing me the chance to become a CWS Elite Model,and thank the trainers for there teaching me in and out of the classroom and for there time and patience and there support in teaching me and for pushing me to be the best i can be

I am Now a CWS Elite Model in secondlife
Pictured is the picture of me selected to be in the running to be the cover of the CWS Magazine for the december issue of the magazine

Congratulations to my classmates that passed see you all at graduation Friday

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