Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Favorite Video's That I Made

A few of my Favorite Video's i made and put on youtube

This one currently has 4580 views Me in Supermassive Black Hole from /at  Kayliwulf kingdom Latex store

comeing up close behind at 3047
next is my In the Limelight outfit at 912 views
Which is Me in Kayliwulf Kingdom outfit In the Limelight to the song Girls on Film by Duran Duran

At 786 views my Lei in XFACTOR  Video which i did some time ago  of me as Event Manager for Kayliwulf kingdom Latex at club sensual ,which i still do and do still wear at events as its one of my favorite outfits from kk,EVENT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO FRIDAY NIGHTS 10PM  no longer saturdays
But is at the same time

This is the Other Club Sensual Video i did where i was also KK Event Manager and decieded to do another,I know the owner well enough that she doesnt mind me doing it because it also encourages people to COME TO CLUB SENSUAL KAYLIWULF  EVENT FRIDAY NIGHT AT 10PM

I made a Mistake - video included

I made a mistake,at the 1 minute 12 mark i named the outfit i was wearing wrong its actually  Dark Soul not black glass,Still on Sale in discount area level 2 for just 695 Linden
Sorry i didnt pick up on it sooner

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Of Me On Catwalk (playlist)

This it the video where i am in it a few times first at 1.32, lei.hanfoi): 3rd from left,then far left at 1.40,at 2.min 55 you see i came 3rd in a Novemeber cover contest ,model for hire lei hanfoi notice at 4.24,then again again in black kk outfit Trinity right side3rd from right at 5.25

Sunday, 3 March 2013

What is Second Life? [Life 2.0]

what is it ,check it out and see  come say hi to me