Thursday, 18 April 2013

Maai Outfits With Lola Tango Applier

Today i went looking for something new to wear with my Lola Tango Breast Finding a Formal Outfit that has Lola Tango Applier isnt Easy But Maai
Owned and made by  Snow Wolfhunter Does Have Formal Outfits
which Do  Have Lola tango Applier, Here's one i Got today.
The MAAI - " Koralin " mesh gown / Lolas / Black as it says is a Mesh Gown  with a Lola Tango Applier,this one is black as i prefer to wear black dresses
Pop by  at only 450 Linden  for a mesh dress and applier included its good value

Also today while At MAAI  i also got  Keki Lingerie Outfit ,a sexy White corset type outfit  with a prim skirt
But Most Importantly With a Lola Tango Applier it also comes in other colors at only 250 Linden for a sexy Lingerie Outfit with a  Lola Tango Appler  you can see why i like it

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