Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lei Hanfoi Got her Degree in modeling

Tonight after i passed my Final Test i logged out  for a while to attend to real life stuff and on logging back into secondlife to my Surprise My Bachelor Degree in Modeling was waiting for me ,i accepted it with a smile and thanked Anrol Anthony very much for it,
The School i Attended in Secondlife,  is the University of classic with style  Class of November 2011 Attaining my  · Bachelor's degree (Bachelor) in modeling 

Lei Hanfoi Came to Secondlife in 1/30/2008
 is a Easy Going,Hard Working,Kind and Friendly person with a 
 Never give up attitude which  got her to where she is today,Accepted into CWS university of Modeling October 2011

 Lei is a
CWS Elite Model
Graduate  of UCWS Modeling and Fashion University, Class of November  2011
Attained her Bachlor Degree in Modeling 30/11/11
Top Ten Finalist for the November and December cover of CWS Magazine
Currently running 3rd in the Ms World Contest for the 2012 Ms World
Ran 3rd in the recent Mix N match styleing event in the January cover outfit spark ( pictured in red picture says we are simply the best)
Ran Equal 3rd in the Old Man/Old Lady Styling Show
and Store model For Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex

After Graduation i will be able to do more studies,and Get My masters in Modeling  and i can say that i am now a certified CWS Elite Model,Is Available for  Any and All Photo shots,Fashion Show,Clothing Designer Fashion shows,Available for New Outfit Picture Model,Store Poster Modeling and 
Store pubicity Ads And any other type of  modeling that requires a model for a picture or to show clothes on a catwalk
Thank you for your interest and hope i see you in the crowd  or backstage next time i Model

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