Monday, 17 June 2013

Lovecats Hellcat outfit

Lovecats store as you know has many new outfits and  those that Know Me in secondlife Know i love to show as much of my body as i can while still being dressed,wink.

So when i saw the advert for there new outfit " Hellcat "

Well You can see why i just had to have it ( no its not me in the ad) i have a simalar shape to the girl in the picture  and saw just how it would look on me so i got it and here is how it looks on me.

From the front Chained top Showing but still covering enough  to call attention to yourself  ,giggles
Pictured from the rear showing the view

Showing the lovely Thigh high boots that come with the dress

Showing the lovely Thigh  high boots that come with the dress and yes this is just my normal shape without the implants :)
I like this outfit very much and hope you do too,feel free to leave comments

Outfit includes,Dress,Thong,two prim skirts one large one small,Gloves,and thigh high boots
I love how this outfit Shows what i like to show  while still covering,which is why I Reccommend you get this outfit from lovecats,at only 500Linden its a great deal because it includes boots and a very sexy LBD.
(Little Black Dress),so if your like me and like outfits that show your figure off get it.
Link Below,click it then select visit this location

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