Monday, 2 September 2013

OF ME (playlist)

I am the best and i know it

Lei Hanfoi's Modeling Career  Started as a Kayliwulf Latex Model in march 2011 and quickly got noticed by the staff and owners at Kayliwulf Kingdom  Latex as a hard worker ,was given promotion to be Event Manager /hostess type position for Kayliwulf latex sponosored events,in August was promoted to General Manager  in charge of hireing and training New KK ( Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex )Models and then went on to become a CWS ( Classic With Style) Secondlife Model,modeling on the catwalk daily at CWS Styling stage enroling in the November 2011  class of Classic With Style  univeristy of modeling and fashion Obtained her Degree in modeling  2/12/11 and has been in the top ten for the November and December issues of CWS fashion Magazine and came top 5  for  the January cover 2012 seen here in the "Black Glass"" ensemble with Garterbelt ,laced gloves and back laced boots  from kayliwulf kingdom latex

Without undershirt/with garterbelt

Blsck glass with implants and applier from kayliwulf kingdom

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