Monday, 21 November 2011

More about Me + Warning I am Blunt as a Hammer + sharp as a tack

Im Not a Long time blogger or a marketing proffessional ,but i am a Straight talking,tell it like i see it,blunt,honest no bull ( no lies told)completely honest kinda girl.

So anything i say here on my blog is what i think and believe to be the truth and is Only My Opinion based on what ive seen and done and been told or experienced first hand.

I've done many thiings in secondlife and consider myself almost unshockable now since starting secondlife in 2007 on a different character and this one in 2008,ive experienced most of what secondlife has to offer with the exception of being a dj and crafting stuff from scatch like clothes or houses theres not much ive not done on one character or another,i have had alts ( alternate,other;characters) that ive used in the past two which i put into modeling classes at a different modeling agency which i learnt alot of stuff about the fashion side of secondlife from as well as how to use some things,now i am in photo contest,CATWALK Styling and Modeling,and Student at

classic with style university of modeling

as well as being a

top 10 finalist in November cover of CWS Magazine

October/November 2011-Ms World Photo Contestant and Student of classicwstyleuniversityofmodeling

august 2011-Security Officer/Hostess and Dancer at Lesbian Paradise

Event Manager for Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex sponsored Latex Contest ( as seen on my Facebook page) since may 2011
Latex Model for Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex since march 2011
Miss Nude Venustus Winner -march/april 2011 ( and i get to retain the title as long as im in group)
Dancer/Hostess at Harlows Lesbian Sim 2010
Partnered to my lovely wife and sweetheart Debbydoes Ludlow since 2010( september 2010) and remain happy in our Open relationship
2010 i worked as a Dancer/Hostess at Latexxxgirls and co owned it under a different character as well as attempting to sell clothes and boots as a reseller( under a different character name)
2008/09 worked at Lesbian Paradise under about 3 different character names because i was still looking for what i wanted to do in secondlife,exploreing secondlife and my inner self finding out what i really wanted
not just in the game but emotionly as well because i lost my father to cancer ,he was cremated 27/9/07
and i started playing secondlife soon after that to try to escape the deep depression i went through because i had lost my
uncle in march,my grandmother ;in may ,and my father in september of 2007 i was in a long depression and playing secondlife daily,helped me  to deal with how i felt,i could escape to secondlife and live my perfect life
and be and do anything i want without restriction or the worry of being killed or hurt ingame,how little did i know,so since about 2009 i have owned several acres of land/property in sl that i have houses on as well as my own self made island with waves,sand,house,my own little getaway place in sl to hide away and enjoy my secondlife and internet radio station at my house  as Lei Hanfoi
Being Epileptic in real life ive had to deal with haveing sezures for the first 35 years of my life,i was on Mogradon when i was in school ,which turned out to be used as a sleeping tablet as well as a anticonvolsant
which because i took it made me sleep through most of school when i wasnt haveing sezures at school,i had to wear a rubber football helment in primary school because i blacked out from constant sezures so often,more often i was on the ground then standing from the age of 3-about 35 i had a terrible stutter because of it which i was later able to correct with help from speech theripist.
( which probley is why i hate rap and what i call 3 note /lazy songs that repeat the same thing over and over 100 times before saying the next word,read a dictionary learn some new words in english)
i grew up in the 60's-80's so love that sort of music and believe that the lazy singers and record companies should stop trying to remix the old stuff to make it sound new or better,there is no better then the artist like

Billy Joel,Dire Straits,Bon Jovi,Alice Copper,Joan Jett,Stevie Nicks,Jimmy Barnes,John Farhnam artist like these should not be even attempted to remix by x factor or wanna stars type show ,if your going to attempt to sing these songs do it properly as it is suppose to be done
Straight up ,turn it up loud rock n roll ,not rap versions or do it my own way type styles it only makes me wanna puke when i heard some x factor wanna be star doing a rap type version of working class man by jimmy barnes,
(proper version)

i believe some artist just cant be bettered and so they shouldnt be remixed as my father use to say,if your going to do something do it properly or not at all,try your hardest to do your best and if its not good enough then learn how to do it better next time and try again,but when it comes to music Some Music should just be left alone

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