Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Classic with style youtube video's i am in

Top 10 Model for November,December,2011,and january 2012
videos below.

First November top 10 cover winners with pictures submitted by the contestants,my picture is on the bottom in red boots and red outfit withing the first 10 seconds so watch for it,and on stage 3rd from the left all withing the first 30 seconds.Only 7 of the top 10 showed up for the video tapeing.
My Name and pictures are also shown when the Models For Hire are shown. Because i WAS A CATWALK MODEL and i Have the Certicate to prove it. My Batchlor Of Modeling

Here is December of the classic with style video's i was in,this was December 2011
Uploaded by  on Dec 17, 2011

TOP 3 in one fashion contest

 Picture taken by me

Me in November clasic with style cover contest outfit came top ten out of over 50 girls

This pic of Me on the beach was good enough to again come top 10  in the December cover contest 2011
so to all those that dout me watch the video's,look at the pictures,look at me admit your wrong  because I am Me,I was a Catwalk Model,i did learn everything taught to me from cws uni, even how to blog,grins.
So to those that say im not what i say i am search the internet look and learn about me,and admit your wrong and i am what i am,a Ex secondlife Model who knows alot and is self confident in herself,and frankly doesnt care what others think,F U all who say stuff about me.
I am Woman,I am a Escort,and i was a model,ive been in sl 5 years so learn from me or get lost i dont care which.

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